Case Study

Systems with relative motion

System with Relative Motion


  • Client was experiencing ~10% incidence of stalls during motion resulting in unacceptable user risk.
  • Client technical team needed to gain understanding of root cause, determine if system was viable, and how to make design changes
System With Relative Motion


  • Developed simple first principles model (<1 day)
  • Predicted the locations in the range of motion where stall was likely
  • Locations vulnerable to stall subsequently confirmed by client data


  • Simple model predicted stalls and provided insight into solutions.
    • Saved months of further trial-and-error testing.
  • Model served as tool to inform a new design path to a robust-by-design system.
    • Without this intervention and design solution the program was likely to be canceled
System With Relative Motion

Key Takeaways

  • The design flaws were knowable, and correctable, prior to tooling and test
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