Our Process: Knowledge-Driven Product Development (KDPD)

Our How:  We strive to work together – our team and our Clients’ teams – to advance, promote, and apply “first principles” oriented, knowledge and data-driven design to every project. Our Knowledge-Driven Product Development (KDPD – see graphic below) approach blends the analytical with the empirical to provide assurance to our Clients – and we do so very cost effectively because we perform analysis, simulation and test with a purpose

Our Clients’ Results:  The result for our Clients is product development assurance – robust, system-level design solutions with a deep understanding of the first principles basis of their designs.   This level of understanding makes the difference between quirky systems that work some of the time, and systems that robustly and consistently work. This is the difference between devices that WILL WORK when scaled to manufacturing versus ones that CAN WORK.   We deliver robust designs informed by analysis, simulation and test. 

FPrin uses KDPD approach to:

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