Case Study

Pressure Sensor And Occlusion Detection Case Study

Pressure Sensor and Occlusion Detection


  • System design required detection of tubing internal pressure indirectly across a membrane
      • Inputs and outputs, interfaces and interactions were not well-defined or understood
      • Fundamentals of the pressure to force transformation sensor were not well understood
  • The development team did not have a good understanding of the terms in the transfer function between pressure and output signal


Build basic models to support design robustness simulations

  • Forces us to acknowledge pertinent terms, and make assumptions explicit


  • Define a transfer function
    • Acknowledge all the other terms


Enabled automated screening for suitable coefficients, assessment of false positive/negative rates, and viable technology implementation for production.

Pressure Sensor And Occulation Detection picture

Key Takeaways

Model-based approach provided the required insight to complete the system design and support the manufacturing and final test method.

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