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Tim Milberger

Mechanical Engineer

Tim Milberger is a mechanical engineer with a B.S. from Stanford. He has 20+ years of in-house and consulting experience in consumer electronics, industrial safety, manufacturing equipment and medical devices, and has brought products to market ranging in size from the smallest high volume connector to one off hospital anesthesia devices.

Having worked in both the R&D and manufacturing environments, Tim focuses not only on final product; his designs consider all stakeholders, including industrial design, marketing, production and assembly, and the consumer.

Lawrence Smith

Mechanical Engineer & Modeling Expert

Lawrence Smith has 8 years of experience building numerical and analytical models of mechanical systems and drug delivery devices. He has special interests in heat transfer problems, structural mechanics, optimization, and shape memory alloys.

Lawrence graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2014 with a BSME and a concentration in Mechatronics, where he earned Dean's List honors for three semesters. After working at an engineering consulting firm in the medical device space for several years, he enrolled at the University of Colorado Boulder and earned an MSME with a focus in Design. He is currently pursuing a PhD of Mechanical Engineering at CU Boulder with the Matter Assembly by Computation (MAC) Lab.

Lawrence researches simulation of nonlinear structures using finite element and material point methods. He was selected as Graduate Student of the Month for the College of Mechanical Engineering in February of 2020.

Adrienne Lee

Mechanical Engineer

Adrienne Lee is a recent Mechanical Engineering graduate from Santa Clara University. She joined the Fprin team in October of 2020. Through her academic and internship experience, she has developed creative design and problem solving skills. Growing up in the Bay Area, Adrienne is influenced and inspired to continuously learn and approach new challenges along the way.

Camren Spangler

Senior Design Engineer

Camren Spangler is an electrical and computer engineer with 15+ years experience designing medical, communications, broadcast, Pro A/V and aerospace equipment. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with an Honors Bachelor's of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Oregon State University.

Camren spent 5 years as a design engineer and engineering manager at a top medical device manufacturer engaged in producing communications equipment for operating room suites. He has successfully managed the design and launch of multi-million dollar design projects and is a leader in the development of new medical, industrial, and consumer products.

In 10+ years as a design consultant he has contributed on designs of products and proof of concepts for a variety of A/V, communications, control system, analog and digital signal acquisition, and handheld products.

Peter Holst


Peter Holst, Founder, has nearly 30 years of experience in R&D and product development in the field of medical devices and equipment.  He has experience with visual field testers, IV and enteral pumps, surgical robots, cholesterol testers and glucose meters.  He is experienced with drug delivery technologies for liquid drug formulations as well as pulmonary and trans-dermal methods.

Peter is a strong proponent of data driven design methods known as “Lean Engineering” or “Knowledge Driven Product Development”.  With these methods the outcome of the design process is a design that is well understood – by analysis, modeling, and simulation – and well characterized – by directed testing, typically at the sub-system level.  Using this process the design can be typically characterized as “will work” rather than “can work” before making major capital commitments.  Peter has experience in design for high volume manufacturing using various component manufacturing methods including plastic injection molding, metal injection molding, casting, powder metal, sheet metal and machined components.  He also has background in the design of low volume capital equipment medical mechanisms and systems.

Peter has a BSME from Northwestern University and an MSME with a concentration in dynamics and controls from Santa Clara University.

Ron Miller

Business Development Consultant

Ron has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and business development working with large and small firms such as: Applied Materials; UmiCore; EV Group.; ALine, Brisbane Materials and FPrin. He has experience in a wide variety of application areas to include: semiconductor equipment & materials; nano-imprint lithography; microfluidics; medical devices and LED lighting. His specialty is in growing small organization’s revenues quickly with numerous examples of growing businesses and business units by up to 5X in revenue over a span of just a few years.

Ron has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. He is a veteran of the Persian Gulf conflict where he served in United States Navy as an Operational Intelligence Specialist. His hobbies including guitar, singing and songwriting. He is also an avid scuba and free-dive spearfisherman and volunteers a good deal of his free time in Mendocino County assisting with the Watermen’s Alliance’s efforts to restore the kelp forests of the Northern California coast.

Sam Sayre

Mechanical Engineer

Sam Sayre joined the FPrin team in May of 2020 as a Mechanical Engineer. He graduated magna cum laude from Cal Poly in 2019 with a BSME in Mechanical Engineering and a concentration in Manufacturing. He has previous internship and full-time experience with Aerojet Rocketdyne and Flex, industry leaders in the aerospace and manufacturing industries respectively.

Through his Senior Project, classwork, and internships Sam has gained experience in creating experimentally verified numerical models for complex mechanical systems. Sam’s areas of interest include heat transfer, composites, FEA, and manufacturing.

Martin Leugers

User-Centered Industrial Design Specialist

Martin Leugers is an Industrial Designer that loves to solve problems. He graduated from The University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning with a BS in Industrial Design. He brings 25 years of experience on a broad range of design projects including medical devices, consumer products, and industrial equipment. Within the medical device field, he has worked on implants, robotics, consumer medical, drug delivery, and surgical devices. Approaching every design project with a focus on client and user needs, he combines his endless creativity with experience to create elegant solutions.

Liam Parrish

Material Scientist

Liam Parrish, Mechanical Engineer, has a background in Materials Science and has experience in testing and characterizing the mechanical behavior of Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) wires. He also has experience in engineering test design, mechanical and thermal design, and data analysis. Liam is a recent graduate from Cal Poly SLO with a BS in Materials Engineering.

Jeffrey Arthur Schuster Ph.D.

Principal Scientist

Jeffrey Arthur Schuster Ph.D. is a consultant, working in areas including drug delivery technology development, technical management, intellectual property, and diagnostics. He received his B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley Department of Physics in 1986, and his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley in 1993.

Jeffrey was one of the primary inventors of the AERxTM technology and led the engineering team responsible for the development and optimization of the AERXTM system and other inhalation technologies at Aradigm Corporation. While at Aradigm, Jeff was the principal investigator for a Phase II SBIR program to use a novel aerosol generation technology in the development of a mass vaccination system for developing world applications.

More recently he has managed the extensive IP portfolios of Zogenix Inc and Zosano Pharma, encompassing needle free injection, microneedle transdermal, and formulations and methods of treatment in conditions such as migraine and epilepsy.

Jeff also has contributed to the design of Zogenix’ next generation injector, led the development of a novel hematology optics system and contributed to the development of a novel breath capture subsystem at Triple Ring Technologies, led an inhalation technology assessment for Genentech Inc, and has led a drug delivery focused business development effort at Triple Ring.

Jeff has authored several peer-reviewed publications on drug delivery, and is a named inventor on 35 issued U.S. patents and related foreign cases in the field of drug delivery covering topics such as aerosol generation, laser micro-machining, needle-free injection, and related therapies and formulations.

Alex Martinez

Mechanical Engineer

Alex Martinez graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo as a Mechanical Engineer in 2021.His academics and experience on engineering projects have provided him with strengths in mathematical modeling and mechanical design. Joining the FPrin team in December 2021, he enjoys tackling fresh challenges and learning new ideas and skills each day.

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