Our exacting Design Process:

Retires Your Risk    ●   Brings Design Assurance   ●   Realizes Your Vision

FPrin LLC – we are a First Principles-based engineering and design consultancy focused on medical device development – particularly drug delivery devices.”
Blending the analytical with the empirical to provide assurance to our Clients.

Our Why:

Our Clients:  are companies that value the benefits that a First Principles design approach can bring them.  We believe that this approach allows our Clients to:

  • Make design decisions based on data – not “gut feel”
  • Finish the design process in a more efficient manner
  • Brings design assurance which means….
  • …passing phase gates like EVT & DVT more easily
  • …ramping into manufacturing more easily
  • Stress Less during development

Our How:

We strive to work together – our team and our Clients’ teams – to advance, promote, and apply “first principles” oriented, knowledge and data-driven design to every project. Our Knowledge-Driven Product Development (KDPD – see graphic below) approach blends the analytical with the empirical to provide assurance to our Clients – and we do so very cost effectively because we perform analysis, simulation and test with a purpose

Our What:

What we do:   Ideation to DFM – FPrin provides full-cycle, world-class First-Principles-based system design engineering services that includes:

  • Ideation, Proof-of-Concept and Technology Evaluation
  • Basic design analysis: scoping models & foundational empirical analysis
  • User-Centered Design
  • Complete prototyping services
  • Design & Engineering Verification Testing
  • Clinical Builds
  • DFM/A Services that are “built-in” to the design from the beginning of the design process
  • Seamless transfer to manufacturing with proven NPI partnerships

Our Clients Results:  the results that our Clients experience from working with FPrin are:

  • Product development assurance
  • Robust, system-level design solutions founded on…
  • …a deep understanding of the First Principles basis of their designs
  • A design the WILL WORK when scaled as opposed to…
  • …one the CAN WORK under a limited set of constraints.

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First Principles

Knowledge-Driven Product Development Approach

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We focus on building a financially strong company where we all share in the net benefits and enjoy a fulfilling journey.

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