Services and Capabilities

FPrin has a comprehensive suite of equipment and services that allow us to provide our Clients with world-class model-based design services as well as system and sub-system manufacturing that ranges frhom initial prototyping to pilot production builds. In addition to the capabilities listed below we have a preferred vendor list, developed and refined over 40 years, for any engineering and prototyping services that we cannot provide in-house


In our 2400 square foot facility in Santa Clara, CA we are able to provide:   

  • Prototyping
  • Low-volume builds
  • Bench-top testing services &
  • Model-based Design

Model Based Design Services:

At FPrin we have extensive Model-Based Design services.  We apply sophisticated FEA tools for CFD, thermal, and solid-mechanics.   Our modeling capabilities range from simple scoping models to evaluate component and sub-systems up to full “digital twin”, system-level models that are predictive of device performance and provide value as a tool to guide the design team to robust design decisions.  We also specialize in Monte Carlo simulations that allow our clients to gain a deeper understanding of the variability that their systems will encounter as they ramp-up in manufacturing. 

Together, these capabilities provide a level of understanding to our clients that makes the difference between quirky systems that work some of the time, and systems that robustly and consistently work.  This is the difference between devices that WILL WORK when scaled to manufacturing versus ones that CAN WORK.  

FPrin Equipment List:

  • Instron 34SC2 with 1 kN load cell
  • Prusa i3 MK3S 3D Printer
  • Bridgeport Series 1 42” bed, Variable Speed Head, boring head, and other assorted tooling
  • Engine Lathe 14” x 40” Gap Bed with collet closer and full set of 5C collets
  • Alicat Flow meter
  • Labjack DAQs
  • Compressor
  • Pressure transducers (Stellartech), 4x up to 2000 psi
  • 7 Seats of Solidworks, 2 Premium with Premium simulation (non-linear)
  • 4 seats of Matlab
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