Matt Berning

Low Pressure Dynamic Seal Design

Case Study Challenge 3D simulations are time consuming, and expensive to execute, and it is difficult to extract actionable outputs Complex barrel valve with demanding sealing and actuation requirements KDPD Approach Reconsider simulation environment and constraints Utilize 2D simulations and 2D sweep along full-length of perimeter 2D simulation for reduced computational burden and easy iteration […]

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Wright Brothers Case Study

Wright Brothers

Case Study The Wright brothers took a systems engineering approach to something that, at least superficially, appeared to be relatively simple – after all birds, insects, and mammals were all doing it – and concluded that they needed to develop a systematic, bottom-up, sub-system based, solution to the challenge. Plenty of their peers – typically

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First Principles Test Apparatus Case Study

First Principles Test Apparatus

Case Study Challenge Client was not confident in the robustness of the clinical supplies – specifically motor-gearbox and batteries Because the design was locked, screening was the only viable way of ensuring capable clinical devices Clinical supply team needed a simple, first-principles based, method of characterizing motor-gearbox Our client was concerned about robustness of clinical

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Pressure Sensor And Occlusion Detection Case Study

Pressure Sensor and Occlusion Detection

Case Study Challenge System design required detection of tubing internal pressure indirectly across a membrane Inputs and outputs, interfaces and interactions were not well-defined or understood Fundamentals of the pressure to force transformation sensor were not well understood The development team did not have a good understanding of the terms in the transfer function between

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Low Pressure Dynamic Seal Design Case Study

Low Pressure Static Seal Design

Case Study Challenge Seal design with orthogonal requirements Passes leak specification while allowing relative motion between two plastic parts Seal design space is constrained by previous decision to incorporate O-Ring seal The client’s design requires an airtight seal interface which is also subjected to axial and rotational relative motion. This results in orthogonal requirements with

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Complex Applicator Case Study

Complex Applicator

Case Study Challenge Complex actuator with multiple springs and several frictional interfaces and latches defining distinct regions of travel Identify a small number of key success criteria to evaluate robustness Determine robustness of a single-use applicator for a wearable sensor prior to committing to expensive (time and $) tooling and large-scale builds and test We

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Needle Insertion Mechanism Case Study

Needle Insertion Mechanism

Case Study Challenge Client trapped in a Design-Build-Test and iterate loop. “Test-to-success” mindset. Required a more effective and predictable approach to develop a robust actuator for needle insertion. Required drop-in solution, spatially constrained, limited power available, complex load profile Approach Develop an empirically based analytical load profile with ±4-sigma limits Research available motors, identify viable

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