Our First Principle Approach to Engineering brings Risk Reduction and Design Assurance “From Design Through Manufacturing” to Your Medical Device Vision.

Fprin is a group of inquisitive engineers, designers and innovators who take a First Principles approach to product development.

We dive deeply into the “why” to solve hard problems, help develop breakthrough products, and bring those products to market. Blending analytical and empirical data provides assurance to our clients.

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How We Treat Medical
Product Development

Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket illustration

Don't Put All Your
Eggs In One Basket

Why do product development teams need alternatives? Risk mitigation requires design alternatives – a "plan B", and preferably a "plan C", in case "plan A" fails. Also, alternatives compel critical thinking and enable merit-based design decisions. If the egg breaks there are others waiting in the wings.

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Measuring Twice & Cutting
Once is Never Enough

FPrin’s process verifies simulations with simple tests. We are highly experienced in stressing a design in virtual simulation environments enabling early learning and iterating before building costly prototypes. This gives access to cases that are difficult or impossible to create without the expense of building many thousands of parts and assemblies.

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Many Will Start Fast, Only
a Few Will Finish Strong.

We start by developing a model basis for your design that can accelerate design decisions in a more linear, cost effective, and faster development process. We are confident that appropriate scoping analyses, modeling and testing at a low level is superior to a build-test-iterate model that can feel fast, but typically takes longer and often produces less robust product.

What Our Clients Say...

You Will Love Us,
Our Clients Do

We believe there is a better way to do Product Development that allows our Clients to avoid the stress, lost time and cost associated with failed design efforts.  We see ourselves, with our processes and experience, as capable guides to take you up a better, more productive, and less frustrating path.

Our People Are
World Class

Our Company is grounded in the principles of fair treatment of staff that we believe fosters a culture that delivers superior value to our Clients. We focus on building a financially strong company where we all share in the net benefits and enjoy a fulfilling journey.

Expertise & Passion
For Medical

+ Drug Delivery Devices
+ Point-of-Care Diagnostic Systems
+ Mechanical Engineers…being Mechanical Engineers

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The FPrin way

FPrin offers “first principles” oriented, knowledge and data-driven, design and engineering services to our clients. We deliver cost-effective innovation by leveraging computational methods and targeted testing to explore the design space and identify robust operating regimes. We use these tools to power things like cost-function driven optimization and Monte Carlo simulation. Taken together this culminates in will work designs and demonstration prototypes supported by robust analysis that are scalable, rather than can work, one-off, designs that may not be reproducible.

This helps the decisions makers:

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Make design decisions based on data – not “gut feel”. We simulate and test until the answer is definitive.

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Finish the design process in an efficient manner. You won’t be left second guessing.
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Brings design assurance which supports passing phase gates like EVT & DVT smoothly moving into manufacturing without doubt.

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What is the First Principle Framework?

The Wright Brothers

Break Down Complex Systems to simplify design challenges and enable integrated solutions

First Principle thinking and design is a way of reducing complex system design challenges to simpler elements that are more readily analyzed and understood. It involves breaking down and understanding the purpose of every element and reassembling from the ground up. It is a very powerful way to innovate the Wright brothers weren't wrong when they took flight following First Principle thinking.

5 Why Illustration leading to knowledge gained and the root cause

Our Questions Lead To Innovation

“Why?..” is a powerful question that can lead to deeper understanding. We ask it repeatedly to gain understanding at any stage of development. Our inquisitive and rigorous approach is a great reason why you should talk to us.

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